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Our financial advice reflects the best thinking of our team resulting from 50 years of combined experience and what we do for our own families.

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We take a truly holistic look at our clients’ financial lives and goals, turning over every possible stone in order to help them protect their families and grow their wealth.

At Snider Financial, we use our knowledge, skills and experience to help individuals, families and business clients with a wide array of important financial matters. 

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We review and analyze your finances to understand your complete picture in order to develop a strategy that gives you confidence. We apply academic principles, sound research and data analysis to ensure we provide you with a smart plan. We communicate with openness, clarity, honesty and thoughtfulness at all times. Education is an integral part of our process to ensure there is clear understanding and alignment. We believe it is important that we trust our clients as much as they trust us to truly achieve success.


We gather everything needed to develop a comprehensive framework for your future. First, we listen to your lifestyle goals and then we articulate the financial requirements to achieve them. We then review your cash flow, tax documents, assets and insurance to get the full scope of your current financial portfolio to assess your strengths and where you may have gaps in coverage.


The world is rarely static, and neither is your life. Our experienced team is here to guide you along the way. In addition, we lead with a team approach. We coordinate with your CPA, attorney, property and casualty agent, trustees, HR director, and family members. We will coordinate your programs so that each professional is working together to keep you moving toward your vision for the future. We understand how important it is to have everyone on the same page and striving to reach your unique goals.

Ongoing Reviews & Collaboration

We provide a unique and customized plan that delivers on your goals. We help you plan to educate your children, buy a new home or care for aging parents. When roadblocks appear, we help you adjust. We collaborate with you to navigate life’s milestones and unforeseen events.


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